First Bathroom Remodel of 2014

Picking up where we left off before the holidays we just finished up our first bathroom remodel of 2014.  We updated everything in this 1980’s bathroom including a bathtub to shower conversion.

The new Delta In2ition shower head / handheld shower combo is a more economical way to get the second shower head without all the extra plumbing in the wall.  The frameless glass shower doors will be easier to clean than the old shower curtain.  Adding the acrylic shower stall with corner seat and handheld shower not only improves the look over the old fiberglass unit but will also make for a safer shower.

The old cultured marble top was taken out and replaced with a granite vanity top with double white sinks and Delta Lahara faucets in Nickel finish to match the shower.

Adding a custom frame to the mirror was a quick and easy way to update the look without throwing out a perfectly good mirror.

The toilet was replaced with a more efficient American Standard Cadet in Comfort Height for ease of use.

And finally the old smooth white and baby blue tile was replaced with a 13″x13″ limestone look tile to finish off the new look.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size pictures.

Abbott Bath Before 1Abbott Acrylic Shower Stall, Delta FaucetAbbott Bath AfterAbbott Bath AfterAbbott Bathroom FloorAbbott Shower Doors & Acrylic Shower Stall

Resurface or Rebuild? What’s Best For Your Richmond Deck?

So you deck is so dried out, split and cracked up that you’re scared to walk on it and you get splinters everytime you touch the railings.  What to do?  There are basically two choices when you are at this point.  Resurface or rebuild the deck from scratch.  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Resurface – We get asked a lot about resurfacing decks.  By this I mean tearing up the deck boards and railings and replacing them while leaving the main deck structure intact.  It would seem on the surface that you’re going to save big.  You’re only doing half the work right?  Well, not really.  If you’re hiring a professional deck builder to do the work for you the savings in materials will mostly be lost the extra time it takes to carefully remove the decking without damaging the framing below.  Demolishing a deck takes very little time compared to disassembling it.

Improper conection to the house caused this deck to collapse.

This deck is fairly new.  The framing was done so poorly that it collapsed at the house.  There wasn’t even concrete in the post holes when we pulled them out.  This was an easy decision to completely replace.

There’s also the time and cost to bring the framing up to todays much more stringent codes.  It just doesn’t make sense to rebuild a deck on a bad foundation.

Rebuilding - Tearing it all down and starting over not only ensures it will be built properly but it gives you a chance to change the size and shape if you you would like.  You’ll also have peace of mind that your entire deck is new, built to code (or preferably even better than code) and with proper care and maintenance should last another 15 to 20 years.



Small wooden deck stained


Happy Labor Day RVA

Wow!  Is it Labor Day already?  It seems like I was just writing about the start of summer.  Where did it go?  I hope it was a great one for all of you.  Now it’s time to send the kids back to school and maybe even start thinking about our holiday plans.  Okay, maybe not the holidays just yet but it won’t be long before the heat gives way to the cool fall air and colorful leaves.

Summer is typically a slow time for us believe it or not.  It seems there’s a lot of excitement early on and though we get a lot of calls early on, for one reason or another, the phone calls slow down as vacations and other priorities take over.  We’ve taken advantage of the slow time to work on some new offerings like our Quick n’ Easy Bath Packs as well as our standard deck packages.   We’re also adding some new software to help manage your remodeling projects better and improve communications between our customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and us.

We are seeing an uptick in work in the last couple of weeks and we’re hoping for the usual end of summer rush to come soon.  If you are thinking of doing a remodeling project this fall give us a call.  If you know someone else who may be looking to remodel their kitchen, bathroom or deck please let them know about us.  Your referrals are the best compliment we could ever ask for.

It is definitely time to start planning any remodeling projects you would like to have done before the holidays or even through the winter.  Even a small kitchen or bathroom remodel takes about a month and a half to plan and complete so don’t wait until the last minute to get the planning started.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day!


Vinyl Railings & Vinyl Tile

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

We’ve seen more interest in vinyl railings around Richmond lately.  As homeowners are tiring of painting and replacing rotten wood they’re turning to vinyl as a low maintenance alternative.  Although the railings themselves are more expensive than wood the savings on labor makes them very competitive price wise.  Here’s our latest install in Glen Allen.

And here’s something new to us.  Luxury Vinyl Tile.  It’s a solid vinyl tile with real grout.  

If you love the look of tile but don’t want a hard, cold and sometimes slippery floor this could be a great alternative.

Summer is almost over believe it or not.  It’s not too early to start planning your fall and even winter remodeling projects.  Give us a call 804-266-3776.